Doctors for Hyperacusis/Dysacusis/Noxacusis in the Boston Area?

Discussion in 'Support' started by weab00, Sep 13, 2020.

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      I need to see a doctor for my hyperacusis, sound distortions, and stabs of pain, in the Boston area but am not sure where to go. The last audiologist (for tinnitus) I went to gave me a basic audiogram, checked for wax buildup, and told me to live with my tinnitus (offered some sort of habituation therapy).

      I don’t want to take my chances with an audiologist that may or may not even know what hyperacusis is (like so many other peoples’ experiences with PTPs, audiologists, and ENTs), and I am trying to get an advanced audiogram, LDL (Loudness Discomfort Level), and maybe discuss sound therapy.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction? Hospitals, doctors, clinics, etc.
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      I'm not a resident in the US so can't recommend specific audiologists. However, I do know that Professor Charles Liberman of Harvard/Mass Eye and Ear is one of the leading scientists on hyperacusis, hidden hearing loss and tinnitus. His colleague Sharon Kujawa, with whom he has collaborated on research, is also a clinical audiologist. So perhaps someone at Mass Eye and Ear would be your best bet?

      I also know that Hyperacusis Research, founded by Bryan Pollard is based near Boston.
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