Does a Glass of Wine Improve or Make Tinnitus Worse or Neither?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Feb 27, 2016.

    1. JasonP
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      I haven't drank alcohol since getting tinnitus and before I didn't drink much at all (I thought it wasn't worth the expense). I was wondering if a glass of wine helps or a small amount of alcohol. I do not believe in drinking a lot. However, I wanted to get people's experiences either short or long term effects.
    2. Coregame3

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      I forget I even have it, but then again I've only had tinnitus for 20 days
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    3. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      A glass or two can be relaxing .........lots of love glynis
    4. Boy Helios

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      Went binge drinking yest. tinnitus completely disappeared when I was drinking and appears to be a bit better today.

      I also went to the club which didn't make my tinnitus worse.
    5. Natalie Roberts

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      Pregnancy or mild hearing loss.. Who knows.
      Whenever I drink beer or wine I notice my tinnitus higher for an hour or two after drinking then it goes back to normal after a good nights sleep. However, it doesn't bother me enough to where I wouldn't drink. ;)
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    6. James
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      Pulsing 03/2013
      Hello @JasonP

      My wife sure loves a glass of merlot. I like to drink a good beer.
      I think it helps short term, in moderation. Don't forget to get a good nights sleep to recover.
    7. volsung37

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      I find wine is about the only way I can get to sleep now! My tinnitus is multi-tonal and changes pitch so I have not been able to sleep naturally for some time.
      If I take 2 large glasses of red wine before bed I will generally be out like a light within the hour. I will usually sleep a good 4 or 5 hrs before waking. The strange thing is the T is usually v low or non-existent for 2 or 3 hrs after this and I can often get back to sleep for another hour or so. I find it is important not to drink enough that I would have a hang-over. This would make T almost unbearable the next day.
      The wine must have some inhibitory effect on how I perceive the tinnitus in the same way some benzos affect others.
    8. Pumpkinate

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      Acoustic trauma
      It makes no difference to my tinnitus.
    9. Marie79

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      Ear infection
      I'm not sure if it makes the actual sound better or worse but it makes me feel a whole lot better and brings down my anxiety a lot but it is not a "healthy" coping mechanism although that is what I am utilizing right now at night.
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    10. linearb

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      I'd be pretty careful with that...
    11. Nick Pyzik

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      Listening to in-ear headphones & playing in a band
      Studies have shown that a glass of wine every few days is very good for your brain and body. The reason so is not because of the actual wine but a compound included in it called Resveratrol. Resveratrol is known to be beneficial for the flow of blood in your body, for reducing oxidative stress, and also blocks production of inflammatory agents. I would actually recommend supplementing with this compound instead of relying on wine to help reduce your levels of stress and bring up your overall well-being.
    12. John G

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      It's weird. When I have beer , it lowers my T, but when I drink wine , T goes up a level or two. Wine..never again
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    13. LadyDi

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      I find a glass of wine makes my tinnitus lower -- probably because of its short-term calming effect on the nervous system. People react differently, though, just as they do to drugs, like benzos, that target your brain chemistry and the anxiety response.

      However, alcohol in general is a bad -- and ineffective-- sleep aid. While it can help you fall asleep, your sleep patterns become disturbed as your system metabolizes the alcohol. So typically, you are getting poor quality sleep. Plus you usually wake up after three, four hours. I try to not drink alcohol at least three hours prior to my bed time.
    14. Vaba

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      Unknown. Gradual, Progressive
      From experience, I think it helps more than it hurts :beeranimation:

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