Does Anyone Else Suffer Like This With Tinnitus????

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Pete01, Oct 18, 2014.

    1. Pete01

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      Every day i wake up, It is completely different after I sleep. My Tinnitus goes from Hissing to Ringing to Crickets and Vibrations and Sounds travelling through my brain to a loud noise across the back of my head when i wake up.

      If i had to describe the noise , it would be an even 'Silver' sound that is really loud across the back of my Brain.

      External sounds , Such as Crickets and Cicadas enter into my brain to the point where it is unbearable.

      I am 53 years of age and I have never suffered as I have in the past 5 and a half months.

      On a good day, I experience 99% silence.

      Is there anyone out there that has anything similar to this erratic infliction?????

      I would really appreciate any input that anyone may have on this subject.

      I have had an MRI and it came up completely clean.

      Thanks :)
    2. Della

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      Hi @Pete01, and welcome to the forum. I'm so sorry you're having to endure this affliction, but I'm glad you found your way here, and I hope you find this forum as helpful as I have. My entry into severe T happened about the same time yours did. I had had a soft high-pitched ringing for years, but no big deal. Then rather suddenly, after a bad bout of allergies & sinus trouble, mine exploded into many different sounds at varying pitch levels and volumes, some VERY loud. I still have several different sounds most days (never quiet days): a very high-pitch ringing or electrical or cicada sound, a mid-range sound that is sometimes actual musical tones but more often an electrical hum, and a very deep rumble that resembles a diesel train engine idling (WITH the accompanying vibration). It's very erratic ... the sounds vary from day to day and during the day, and so far I've found nothing I do that correlates with the changes ... they seem totally random.

      You can search the forums, and you'll find many people with highly variable T. You'll also find great suggestions for learning to cope with this condition. Here's my little care package of favorite links:

      The American Tinnitus Association website:

      A way of finding the pitches and approximating the sounds you're hearing (some of us find this comforting, and it can be a help in communicating what you're going through):

      A free online sound generator, to help mask your sounds so you can fall asleep or get some relief (there are a number of these, but this is my favorite):

      Best of luck!
    3. Kathi

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      HFHL and stress
      @Pete01, my T fluctuates like yours. In the morning I have a high pitched ringing or cricket sound in my ear, then on some days it progresses to an electrostatic sound that seems to encompass my whole head or a low hissing sound. I've never had a completely silent day since last Thanksgiving. On low T days it is a tonal sound. I was worried that I wouldn't habituate because of the way it fluctuates from loud to soft but I am habituating and it is fading from my awareness for longer times every month.

      I'm sorry you are still suffering but it does get better. I didn't believe it would, but it did. Use masking to get some relief. You might also look into some of the therapies ...CBT helped me a lot.

      I wish you quieter days.
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    4. Larry OT
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      Volume, meds and motorcycles
      Sorry about your troubles. I have similar. Goes from just about quiet to screaming loud on a different day.
      A variety of hissing and fluctuating
      Last night was hell, it got so loud I couldn't think.
      We have to keep strong and learn to accept And move past it.
      Good luck
    5. Mr. Cartman

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      Yeah.. Same thing here..
    6. Della

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      Hey @Pete01, I have thought many times about your description of a "silver sound", but I couldn't remember who said it. It's kinda poetic -- I mean, what is the sound of silver, anyway? -- but when I first read it I thought "That's it exactly." I hope you're doing better by now, or at least adjusting better. I wound up getting hearing aids and at first they helped a lot -- the volume of all the T sounds went way down. Lately they're starting to creep back up though. It's almost as if my brain was confused at first, but now is saying "Oh, I see what you're doing. I've got this. I can still make you miserable." I'm just hoping it doesn't come all the way back ...

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