Does Anyone Feel Like Tinnitus Make You Almost Bipolar?

Discussion in 'Support' started by SeekIngAlpha, Sep 4, 2016.

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    1. SeekIngAlpha

      SeekIngAlpha Member

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      With tinnitus it's such a rollercoaster of emotions and reactions... it seems almost like a bipolar nightmare.
    2. volsung37

      volsung37 Member Benefactor

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      I used to be a pretty serene type of chap until I got T. Now my mood swings can be pretty dramatic dependent upon sleep and loudness.
    3. Alue

      Alue Member

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Actually yes, kind of. I was just thinking yesterday that it's literally driving me crazy. I get these points of being very angry to the point where I don't think I'm thinking rationally. It seems to be directly tied to how bad my tinnitus is at that moment.
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    4. JasonP

      JasonP Member

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      I had the same problem...and it got worse when I developed a tolerance/withdrawal for klonopin. Lamictal has helped some, probably better than anything I have ever taken before. I hope my problems are due to benzo withdrawal and not just mood swings.
    5. PaulBe

      PaulBe Member Benefactor

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      Probably sound, though never proven
      It definitely carries my mood and concentration along with its cycles.
    6. Owen

      Owen Member

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      Unclear. Inflammatory allergic reaction/AIED
      I'm exactly the same. Saturday was a really quiet day and I was positive and upbeat, yesterday was not so good and I felt really low and depressed all day. It makes sense to me though. People often feel low, depressed and sorry for themselves when they have a cold, so why wouldn't it be the same when some other medical issue flares up?
    7. Lgunal

      Lgunal Member

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      Hearing loss and Wellbutrin (I believe)
      Yes! I was just thinking this yesterday. I feel like I'm on a constant roller coaster of emotions; mostly the depressive end of the spectrum.
    8. Vaba

      Vaba Member

      New New York
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      Unknown. Gradual, Progressive
      I was always a laid-back, jaded kind of guy.

      I still am. In real life (not on forums) my emotions never come into play when it comes to dealing with almost anything. So, while I'm in pain constantly, and I kind of just want to die, I know that talking about it won't make it hurt less, so I just don't say anything.

      Now that I'm writing about it, it's a special kind of hell.
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    9. JasonP

      JasonP Member

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      You know....I could be somewhat stable with moods as long as I had a way to lower my T. Once that stopped, I had much stronger mood swings.

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