Does Anyone Have Headaches with Sounds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sadwithpain, Jan 18, 2018.

    1. Sadwithpain

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      Head injury from metal and bulge disc.
      In 2010, my gf got hit in the head by a metal bracket for hanging signs on. She was stocking shelves at her work, and a bottle of bleach gave away, then caused the accident.

      Since then she get pressure, burning, pulsing, spasm of the inner ears and head. Her face become numb and the stomach gets nausea. This is a slow build into migraines.

      Soft, far way sounds and closed, loud sounds cause this. Between 10 minutes to a hour this will build up.

      Doctors can not help her until now, because insurance and no education on it. She getting hearing test again to rediagnosed her, because she lost her job from this. Lost job and insurance. Now she on Medicaid with pending SSDI case. Luckily she got back and neck bulge disc, because she rejected for help from SSDI. If you get it for her back. She is scared to go back working, because can trigger suicidal thoughts.
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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      mild head trauma (muscle tension)
      I'm sorry to hear about the incident and that your gf has to suffer for so long. I had somethimg very similar happened to me.

      I think you will be more helped in the hyperacusis board of this forum. I hope the doctor can find out what is causing this. And maybe visiting a social worker can sort out financial problems for a part.

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