Does Anyone Know What's Wrong with My Ear?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tyler 619, Apr 21, 2017.

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      In late February I got sick and my right ear got clogged, no tinnitus, just a clogged ear which never fully went away before I got sick again. Then I got sick again at the end of march and my ear felt really clogged/muffled. Out of dumb anger, I slapped myself on the side of the head and on the ear (not super hard, but it hurt pretty bad after). The next day I noticed a ringing in the ear, saw a doctor, and he said it was an infection and gave me antibiotics and a decongestant (also the slap didn't rupture my eardrum). Not sure if the infection or the slap caused the tinnitus.

      It has been about 3.5 weeks (2 months total from the first cold) since my ear got this muffled feeling, and I saw an ENT who did an audiogram and told me my hearing is 100% fine with no sensorineural or conductive loss (I posted it incase anyone can interpret it differently). I don't understand this though, if my audiogram shows no hearing loss, why does my ear still feel off?

      -My ear still has this off feeling. I can hear voices fine from it, but when I'm sitting in class or in the bathroom (for example), I notice that my right ear is barely picking up an ambient noises compared to my left. My left ear hears more than my right ear, but both have the same level of hearing from the audiogram.

      -Also, sometimes my right ear (the actual outside ear part) will get tingly when a lot of noise is coming from my right side, almost as if my right ear is straining itself to listen, hard to describe, but it just gets this weird tingly sensation.

      -The tinnitus for the most part has subsided, but it seems to be reactive and sometimes gets louder with sound. It's usually pretty quiet at night when i'm going to bed though.

      I've searched all over the internet and can't find anyone that has a similar problem with their ear. The ENT said it's inflammation and should go away in time, however I've seen very little improvement these past few weeks. I think it could be a Eustachian tube problem because I can pop my right ear by yawning, but it doesn't feel like a full pop, also my right ear makes some weird popping noises when i'm eating every now and then. Also, when I move my jaw forward, I can feel pressure under my right ear, slightly painful.

      Sorry for the long post, but i'm in a desperate need of some kind of answer. I'm going to see another ENT next week. I'm scared there might be some nerve damage or something, but i'm hoping it's something that'll go away. I'm only 20 and this has made my life x100 harder, it's all I can really focus on.

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