Does High Energy, High Heart Rate, Aerobic Type Exercise Help?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tex, Oct 24, 2017.

    1. Tex

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      Has anyone had any luck with all out high energy, high heart rate exercise? I was wondering if the increased blood flow to the brain, inner ear, etc. may have helped?

      I did this type of exercise almost daily for years and can easily get back into it. I've already started in a slow way to work up to a level like before.

      So far all I have had is the great feeling one gets after a great workout. Oh well... even if it doesn't lower the tinnitus volume I may just stay at it anyway.
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    2. threefirefour
      Peeping tom

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      140dB B R U H moment
      I don't know if it means much but it worked for me.
    3. Nick07

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      possibly noise or unknown
      I run for about an hour most days. I can't say it's super effective, but I feel better over all, and before the weather got cold the crickets used to mask my tinnitus quite well. I can still for the most part immerse myself in mind, but the cold just makes it worse.
    4. Philippe79

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      I do weights and a little running as I think it benefits me in the long run. I can’t say the volume has lowered because of it but it’s certainly no worse and it makes me feel better about myself so that alone makes it worth it. If I’m honest though, I do seem to have a slight increase in T just after I have finished (not during). I know it will settle back down again so I’m not bothered. It maybe different for others though, so be careful. Anything that releases positive energy is a good thing to be doing in my opinion and there’s no better thing for doing that than exercise!
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    5. Niko

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      High heart rate exercise do help in it's own way, not only for tinnitus, but for general well being. An having tinnitus, which creates anxiety we need to clear the negative thoughts with exercise.

      It won't cure your tinnitus but it will help you fight it much better.
    6. yonkapin

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      Sure does
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