Does my other ear get better in terms of hearing?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ben Jubel, Oct 25, 2013.

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      I have tinnitus in my right ear due to hearing loss.

      Is it possible for my hearing in the left ear to improve, since the right ear is so weak?
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      acoustic trauma
      sure,your body will adapt and the left ear will work for the right one. if you have severe hearing loss, also think about a hearing aid. it will probably also help a lot with your Tinnitus, there are many people who can't hear their T with a well adjusted hearing aid. also...since when do you have the hearing loss? if it hasn't been very long I would try cortison drug infusions... sometimes they can help recover some hearing if it hasn't been too long.
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      Shit happens
      Due to eye illness, vision in my right eye became distorted and picture is smaller than in my left eye. In a year or so my brain learned to construct coherent picture of the environment. So brain is a powerful organ. I would not say the vision in my good eye got any better though, and I doubt the hearing of your good ear gets any better. But your brain will adapt to the new circumstances and it will be ok.
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