Does This Happen to Anyone? Do You Think This Is Just Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by CsaulNol, Apr 14, 2018.

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      Hello everyone, I am a tinnitus sufferer. Currently experiencing loud non stop roars sort of like when you put a giant seashell and "hear the ocean" well on top of that have beeps, different hisses or louder buzzes and even ticks usually coming from my left ear.

      I noticed I have a lot of ticks buzzes and lighter annoying sounds coming from my left ear and I am not sure why but from my left ear I often hear some things wavy like if I was hearing over a fan turned on inside my ear.

      I noticed it is mostly when I hear someone talking and specifically with the "s" sh" pronunciations. At times it is other sounds. I feel like I hear like a robot at random moments. Its really freaking me out idk if I'm having hear loss or if this is just part of tinnitus.

      I had a hearing test a couple days ago that came out good. I just have so many symptoms such as in the mornings where I wake up and my inner ears feel numb or a feeling of fullness.

      I also have had some degree of hyperacusis or at least I believe to because at times I hear people talk and my ears begin to feel restless and annoyed. Also some sounds really push my sensitivity like I feel the nerve meet at the back of my head.

      I am currently trapped in thoughts in what ifs. I'm scared that tinnitus can cause me to lose hearing. Is that even possible? I believe my tinnitus is noise induced as I am a musician an have been exposed to loud noise. My tinnitus feels pretty strong because I am always wearing earplugs. My earplugs make me feel good from both ears but I have difficulty hearing somethings. When I take off my earplugs I feel like my ears are uneven and somehow a feeling of fullness or plugged. I just have so much to say.

      Should I worry? Do you guys think this is just tinnitus?

      Should I revisit a doctor to get rechecked?

      What kind of tests should I be asking the doctor to do on me?
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      At the moment you are hypervigilant. There were probably always a few strange noises but your brain ignored them. Take as many tests as will reassure you and lower your cortisol levels.

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