Does This Sound Like ETD or TMJ or Something Else?

Discussion in 'Support' started by hearandnow, May 21, 2019.

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      In late January, I wound up with tinnitus. It's mild, and it happened around the time I was going out to nightclubs a lot. I know what most people would stop there and assume that that is the primary culprit. However, a constant clicking whenever I yawn or swallow--which had not existed before the tinnitus came about--has got me thinking. An additional symptom is that, in the morning, when I try to pop my ears by blowing out while pinching my nose, my ears sort of just say clogged for a few seconds. This, too, never happened before the tinnitus. My audiogram is also within normal hearing range.

      Generally, the tinnitus started in both ears, is the hiss of a cicada, and, in the beginning, oscillated between a few different tones during the span of a couple weeks. I had hyperacusis, but now I don't. The tinnitus is just in my right ear now. Sometimes it will spike to a very loud, sharply-pitched version of itself, then die down to even lower than it was before.

      I know giving medical diagnoses on this site is forbidden, but maybe y'all could lemme know what you think about this? I'd really appreciate it.


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