Does Tinnitus Ever Become Part of Your Life?

Discussion in 'Support' started by TinaB, Apr 22, 2018.

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      I have seen some of your posts and know you struggle when generously helping others. Bless you for giving your time.

      I am too fearful to pursue Gabapentin. My doctor prescribed me first Effexor XR and then Zoloft. I started Effexor XR for a couple of days and tinnitus seemed louder so I stopped. I have the bottle of 50 mg Zoloft but am so fearful to start taking it for making my tinnitus worse. I have the same dilemma as others, taking something that may help can also make my tinnitus worse. I also have not a good relationship with Klonopin. Since September of last year I have gone from 0.5 mg to 0.75 mg to tapering to 0.1125 mg and in December had a microwave overcook and smoked my kitchen and stupidly reset 3 of my smoke detectors without hearing protection, then went back up to 0.7 mg Klonopin and am tapering again.

      My tinnitus is still in right ear on my TMJ side, as a continuous high pitch constant static that is somatic. My TMJ pain basically is gone but I still wear my splints. My teeth have shifted a bit as the lower jaw was pulled forward but have not pursued anything further, i.e. TMJ phase 2 teeth work, mainly for COVID-19 reasons and not sure I can justify the cost. I really have not been able to do any physical therapy, etc.

      Like many, I am struggling with what to try next for my tinnitus. I have sound enrichment 24x7 which helps some but is still continuous struggle.

      Well wishes to you and all who battle!

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