Does Your Tinnitus Increase When Exposed to Loud Noises?

Discussion in 'Support' started by epin3m, Nov 4, 2013.

    1. epin3m

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      Hi guys,

      I am still exploring my Tinnitus and starting to accept that it might be with me forever.

      I´ve got a question.

      Does your T increase when you are exposed to loud noises and later you go to a silent place?

      In my case, If I go to a restaurant, take the subway or go to a bar, my T will be very loud when I get back home, like a high pitch sound. But it decreases after a few minutes and goes back to normal: a kind of buzz and electrical sounds that I could habituate with training and time.

    2. LadyDi

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      Yes that happens to me. Loud places always aggravate my T which is why I got into the habit of taking ear plugs everywhere. Sometimes though it takes a while for the volum to calm down.
    3. christine kauhane

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      june 9th 2013
      loud music !! loud trucks !! my ear plugs has become my best friend lol...
    4. meeruf

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      Hi Epin2m.

      My tinnitus react to sound. It gets noticeably louder when I'm out in traffic, places with a lot of people etc. It don't react always, but most of the time it do.

      It is important that you don't use earplugs just because your tinnitus gets louder. Only use earplugs when you are places where sound can damage your hearing. Like concerts, nightclubs etc. If you use them in normal situations your hearing will get more sensitive because of lack of sounds. That can lead to hyperacusis. This mean that sound starts to hurt. That is something you don't want have.

      Earplugs: Conserts, nightclubs, drills, fotball-games etc..
      No earplugs: Traffic, restaurants, in the car etc.

      Earplugs is a good thing, just don't overdo it. That can lead to more trouble.
    5. Relic Hunter

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      I can not tell any difference in mine when exposed to the occasional loud everyday noises like a car horn, etc.
      I have always avoided loud places as much as possible but always wear earplugs around the noisy places like ballgames, sporting events.
      If I know I am going to be exposed to damaging noise levels, out come the plugs or muffs. During normal day to day routines I do not wear them and in my opinion they can cause more harm than good.
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    6. marcp

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      September 2013
      @epin3m. I am a shooter and recently was on a trip. I noticed as soon as I got to our camp site that my awarness of my T became much more apparent and I beleive the emotional state of being worried increased my T. So I guess what I am saying is being worried about loud noises can lead to T being louder than usual. (Emotional state). I am currently trying to beat this by using muffs while shooting all the time. But as others have mentioned we should not wear plugs in general day to day noise.
    7. AUTHOR

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      thanks guys for sharing your experiences and ur tips.

      i dont want to wear earplugs at all times becsuse i want to take t as a normal sound. it will take time and i am planning to go for trt.

      when i talk about loud noises i mean everyday sounds as u said car honk and peoples voices. i.e. i am now playing poker with friends and i can feel that my tinnitus goes up and i can slightly listen to a ringing.

      i think it is as marcp i am emotionally aware of how my t reacts. i am very new at this and i find difficult not to pay attention to it.

      i hope i will be able to habituate despite the t volume changes :(
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    8. Meestijn

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      Hi Epin3m,

      I also got the problem that my T volume increases after being exposed to even 'moderate' noise levels (and I'm 100% convinced this is not imaginary) which makes my afraid and worried that a certain point the T will remain on this level although I didn't exposed myself to loud noises.

      I also have a kind of buzz and electrical sounds (that is why I call mine new unwanted companion Electrical Storm). I also had a high pitch sound (4 khz) but that seems to more to the background. (I don't know whether this is because it lowered during the weeks or that it because the NotchAudio did its work or already a kind of habituation????)

      If I knew that my T will keep on lowering after being exposed to everyday noises than I would be relax again but for some reason I fear that the future is not so kind to me and that it will hit me in the face one day with a higher noise level of T.

      This also wonders me whether or not to use earplugs in a moderate crowded pub, on a birtday party, family event, swimming pool? These are the thoughts what makes me crazy (AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!)
      I also do not want to protect my hearing on those occasions with earplugs for the reasons mentioned before but at the other hand fear the consequenses of getting effected with more T.
      I believe most of us understand the frustration of finding the right belance, I also know that no 2 persons with T are the same which makes giving good advice etc... even more difficult. What counts for one thus not necesarily means that another one reacts or acts the same, benefits or is affected.

      My current level of T isn't nice at all but I do believe I can habituate to it, however, any further permanent increase will madden me for sure (and get you in an neverending loop, both T as mentally). Also since I released that I already T for a longer period but never bothered me or just lingered in the background and then sudden 2 months ago... welcome I'm here to let you know I do not want to life longer in the background!!!)

      Hang in there...
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    9. object16

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      overuse of hearing protection, plus noise
      My tinnitus has gone to a life-threatening amount. Prior to this, like a year ago i had moderate tinnitus, so I avoided loud places, and wore hearing protection. At the moment my tinnitus is so dire, that my back is against the wall, and i use noise cancelling headphones like bose qc15 EVERYWHERE I go. and for sure NOT go into a bar with loud music or anything like that. Over the past 10 weeks of this type of treatment, my tinnitus has become a LOT quieter, and my med use has decreased. I gradually "harden off" my hearing by SLIGHT increases in the volume of my mp3 player which plays Restful Rain over and over on repeat.
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    10. freaks

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      I suggest making a customized silicone earplugs with noise filter of 25 db. They are almost invisible and you can be exposed to loud sound with no pain, you can talk to others and hear them beside there is loud environment. This is how they look like Ottosonic - Tehnički centar Krklec - i use first model without cord. This is website of one professional in Croatia who makes them, but you can look in your country and find who makes similar. They cost about 100 EUR but they worth every cent (y)
    11. Ichigo

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      Noise trauma
      My tinnitus doesn't get worse in loud situations (even at school) unless I try to scream/ growl XD
      I should have thought about it before, sigh, now I'm suffering... :cry: Hope it's just temporary.
    12. Mad maggot

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      Mine seems to react to lights. Especially fleurescent.

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