Domino Effect — Relationship Between 0-8 kHz and 8-20 kHz

Discussion in 'Support' started by Keiv, Jun 4, 2015.

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      basically in this thread, i would like to understand whether there is a relationship- that if you have normal hearing 0-8khz, does that imply that you can hear high frequency 8-20khz or at least hear up to a certain high frequency like at least up to 16khz if you have normal hearing...

      and vice versa, that if you can hear 18khz, then you must have normal hearing...

      And I would like to ask for people with hearing loss? Can you still hear above 8khz, if so how high can you hear?

      And I think is it true about the domino effect that once 20khz dies, 19khz is next to die, follow by 18khz....then 10khz,9khz, 8khz is next, 7khz, 6khz.... is this true?
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      Just before I got t I tested myself to check how high I can hear. I was able to hear up to 18400hz. I regret now all the testing I did. I think listening to high frequency sounds through the generator might cause my damage. I would listen for short amount of time but it might be enough to do the damage. The t started around the time when I did these tests. I think I over stimulated my ears and damaged my hearing. Now I can still hear well but I have a dip around 4khz and 11khz.

      Domino effect does not seem to be true as in my case 11khz is worse then 18khz.
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      This is what happens in the case of presbycusis. The stereocilia at the basal end of the cochlea are the first to receive the acoustic energy transfered from the middle ear bones.
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      just look at my audiogram in LLLT thread where I have a 60 db lose on 1500 hz but perfect hearing up from 8k on.

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