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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by frogatog, Oct 3, 2016.

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      I had horrible tinnitus starting about 9 months ago stemming from hearing loss of one frequency in my right ear and probably damage to both ears at a loud concert (which I was wearing earplugs at! the bass was so loud the plugs didn't help).

      It got a little better three months in, then got MUCH worse. I grew to tolerate it.

      Suddenly in the last couple of weeks, it's gotten MUCH better. I have no idea why.

      The things I've done are:
      1) wearing ETYplugs in any kind of even moderately noisy environment, and full earplugs in noisier environments (e.g. airplanes)
      2) taking taurine, LBC complex vitamin, and NAC most days
      3) just ignoring the tinnitus and not focusing on it

      My only point, to those who are despondent - please be patient. Just like when you are sick, it seems like it will last forever. Often it doesn't. And it could go away at any time!
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      loud headphones
      Hey, job well done on tolerating it when it got worse. That's a huge struggle for a lot of us.

      As for it lowering again... Hmmm... Maybe it was the supplements, maybe it was you taking extra care of your ears, maybe it was just time and it was going to lower again, anyway. Either way, who cares! Love to read stories like this. Congrats
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      I was doing a bit better than my wood chair mat that was sitting up vertical fell over on wood floors outputting 114db into my ear. Now it's 3-4x worse and 4 days in it's getting worse. Sadly, I am giving up. I'm taking NAC, Mag once again but I highly doubt it will help.

      I'm tired of getting to somewhere positive and then it gets worse. I haven't got hit with something this loud in a long time, and all it took was a second of 114 to what it seems, cause me damage.

      There comes a point where your ears are so damaged that you can't really take anymore without your ears just deteriorating, I now think I'm at this point. So now I have to once again be angry, depressed and seclude myself because if i go out, like I tried today to Swim even with my increase T, I get hit by planes flying by low and extremely loud. God knows how loud these jumbo jets and 747's are flying at like 1400 feet overhead.

      If this doesn't go down, I'm done. My ears clearly can't take it anymore.
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      Sorry to hear about your spikes, can i ask how you are able to guess/know that your chair falling was 114db (such an absolute number).
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      I was so upset over the T increase I plugged up and put muffs on and let it tip over again twice and recorded it with a db meter. Even a second of that level is too much for my damaged ears, it seems. I was doing better and wanting to get out more, T was stable. Now it isn't sadly.

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