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Discussion in 'Support' started by BangAnotherKanga, Apr 21, 2016.

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      Hello! I've been experiencing tinnitus for three weeks now. However, the symptoms themselves aren't that intense, about a 3-4/10, so feel free to skip this topic. But, if anyone is in a generous mood, I would appreciate some tips or an opinion.

      The sound is generally a consistent ringing in the right ear, however, sometimes it will shift to the left ear for about 15 minutes max. It never affects both ears for longer than 5 minutes. Extremely rarely, I'll get a deafening screech for 2 minutes, but I've had this happen all my life. Not sure if that's normal. Whatever. I could have had a milder tinnitus for even longer, because I've always had a high pitched sound generator in my room that sounds almost like my tinnitus. Who knows. I don't believe I have hearing loss, but I do get a feeling of pressure in my right ear, usually preceded/succeeded by a thump sound. The wax in my right ear is odorous.

      As for underlying causes, I've seen a general practitioner who spent about 5 minutes on me before sending me home with antibotics (oral azithromycin and neomycin eardrops). I realized about halfway through treatment that they probably weren't going to work, and admittedly ended up lowering the dose on the neomycin from fear of ototoxicity. Possibly irrelevant, but I have poor posture, a slight overbite and slight scoliosis. I've tried some small things to fix this, like changing to sleeping on my back. I've noticed unlike most bruxing tinnitus sufferers I can't notice tinnitus at all in the morning, at least for an hour. This is incredibly perplexing to me and I would appreciate any and all help. My gravest condolences to those of you with severe symptoms. Even a moderate case has made me incredibly sympathetic to your plight, and I am very sorry.
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      Unclear. Inflammatory allergic reaction/AIED
      It's part of the auditory feedback system - a kind of self-calibration as far as I understand.
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      Meniere's Disease
      A warm welcome to TinnitusTalk.
      Might be worth getting the dentist check you for TMJ .
      Try not to worry as anxiety will make the sound seem louder.
      It's still early days and your tinnitus has every chance in going......lots of love glynis

      Have a read of the succsess stories
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