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    1. Dr. Ancill is a physician licensed in the Province of British Columbia having qualified in Medicine from The University of Cambridge (UK) in 1976. He also has Masters degree in Experimental Psychology from The University of Cambridge (1975). He holds a specialty qualification (FRCPC) in Psychiatry, obtained in 1987. I have also been a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK) since 1979. He was a Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Medicine of The University of British Columbia until July of 2002.

      For the past 30 years, his clinical practice, research and teaching interests have been in the areas of adult, geriatric and organic psychiatry – concentrating on patients with degenerative brain disorders and acquired brain injuries, Post-Trauma Stress Disorders and chronic pain syndromes.

      He has formal training, published research and extensive clinical experience in Clinical Psychopharmacology – the effects of medications on the brain.

      He has published widely with more than 100 articles (both peer-reviewed and invited) in scientific journals and textbooks. In addition there have been many articles and abstracts in various conference proceedings, both nationally and internationally.

      Since 1998, his clinical practice has involved the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of persons with the psychiatric consequences of trauma of which approximately 70% have sustained an acquired brain injury. Many of these patients have tinnitus as a result of the brain trauma.

      Dr. Ancill himself developed tinnitus quite suddenly in September of 2013.

      Dr. Ancill will try to respond members' questions on Tinnitus Talk's Doctors' Corner at least twice monthly.
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