Dr. Vik Veer (ENT) — Another TRT Messiah

Discussion in 'Awareness & Fundraising' started by Jazzer, Mar 7, 2019.

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      annV I gotta say... I like your style. I am glad your here, I am definitely a fan, in a good way. Daniel
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      What a numpty that ENT Consultant Mr. Vik Veer is.

      He was on ITV's This Morning program in the UK touting how he cured himself by playing video games and watching the telly with subtitles.

      Duly emailed the TV company and Veer himself. You can reach him here:

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      Would teletext cure my hyperacusis?
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      That is really not cool. He said himself he had it for just six weeks and after six weeks a spontaneous remission is by far the most likely cause of tinnitus going. I would say when I read he had used to have tinnitus himself on his website that is one of the reasons I went to see him. A story like this will attract many more clients to his practice. Fair enough if he’d had it for months or years and it had gone, it might be more feasibly linked to his own techniques in that case.

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      He actually said he had had tinnitus for 4 months but it took him 4 weeks to clear it I watched his interview on This Morning. So your theory might not be valid.
    6. AUTHOR

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      Oh dear - so shyster Vik Veer finally got his slot on the ‘This Morning” TV Show.
      He knows less about this condition than any one of us who actually has it.
      He has cured nothing.
      He had nothing - but a successful business model.
      He added not even one scrap of information or pertinent advice to our library.

      His brand of dishonest misinformation does all of us genuine sufferers a huge disservice.

      Our nearest and dearest will be apt to think that, as per the popular ignorant misconception of tinnitus, that this truly ghastly ‘thing’ is obviously nothing much to worry about.

      Just get over it folks.

      I despise him, and all those liars like him.
      There are no tinnitus messiahs folks.
      (In my book there are no messiahs - period.)

      There is currently no cure.
      There may never be a cure.
      We hope - but we cannot know.
      There is no adequately substantiated successful treatment.

      - so Mr A tried this therapy and it seemed to help,
      - Mr B tried something else and that was okay.

      Well great big hairy bananas!!
      No treatment has had adequate exposure to enough unsolicited sufferers to mean anything at all.
      Incidentally - both A and B are now much lighter in the wallet area, unless of course a recommendation was part of their deal.

      Mr Vik Veer - I could suggest a glittering career for you which would at least be an honest profession.

      You will need an Equity card.
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    8. david c

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      It is deeply irresponsible of this man to claim that he can "cure" tinnitus using TRT. As others have said tinnitus going away of its own accord is far from unusual during the time period after first onset he talks about. For him to claim that as a "cure" is mendacious.

      This individual has been given huge amounts of free publicity by media organisations such as ITV and the Daily Mail. He clearly has a lucrative private practice which this publicity will no doubt help, but if he is still employed by the NHS he needs to be held responsible for these false claims.
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