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Discussion in 'Support' started by Jamie, Oct 3, 2016.

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      Ok, so this is what happened last night.

      I've had T for 30 years since I was 13 after an ear infection, it has been getting increasingly worse and has severely impacted my life.

      Last night I had a dream I was back at school and my T in my left ear (my bad ear) suddenly became very very loud, louder than anything I had ever heard before, after a while I woke up.

      This is the crazy bit, when I woke my right ear (my better ear) was ringing like I had never heard it before, I mean it was LOUD, similar to the dream, I got up, went to the bathroom and climbed back into bed, the ringing slowly quietened to it's nearly normal level (thank god).

      I'm not sure what happened, if the dream was so real my mind created the ringing or if I had a ringing attack and it transferred into the dream.

      It's made me really wonder is this all in our heads, does our mind hold the key to turn this shit off?

      Anybody else every had anything like this.
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      I've had dreams where a real sound is occurring in the environment (like a noise outdoors, or etc.) and in a half-sleeping/half-semi-conscious state, the external sound becomes part of the dream. My best guess is that that's what happened to you. Even though your dream told you "left ear" and when you awoke, it was actually the right ear, that's the kind of thing that happens in dreams by definition.

      I wish it WAS "only" << :) the mind that held the key. I DO think that there are ways to effect the actual physical brain structures to reduce excitability, etc., and also that some mind calming techniques can directly alter the physical brain structures and aid in tinnitus suppression. There is a real challenge with this in that it is very individual and also lots of trial-and-error is involved in trying to make some of that work.

      I hope that the tinnitus you have reduces and that you get more peace.
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      I've thought about this a lot as well, like when my tinnitus is obviously there but I don't notice it's there because I'm distracted or caught up in other things and don't notice it when otherwise I would. Like can we out think tinnitus? Our minds are pretty amazing, afterall.

      Also, like you, my tinnitus is much stronger in my left ear than it is than my right ear and I too woke up in the middle of a dream last night with my right ear producing a very loud high pitch ringing. I just layed there and thought, "Seriously!?" and got out of bed and walked around for a bit and it went away after a while.

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