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Discussion in 'Support' started by Earman00442, Sep 21, 2015.

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      I have been suffering with T for almost five years in my right ear, the left ear comes and goes but is very manageable. I have days like today that I have went to the restroom and cried three different times so my coworkers don't see me breakdown. If I were a weak person I don't believe I would still be here. I can't explain to my family and friends what i feel because if you don't have it its hard to understand. Can anyone feel the sound? I feel like its so loud that i feel it on the entire right side of my face and head. Maybe I've just lost it LOL not lol!! I sleep with the TV on all night and started listening to books on tape to help with a distracting myself. What I have found is I can match the sound to around 4K and at 60 to 70 db i can't distinguish the source. I use a sound masking Hearing aid That play's waves crashing on a rocky beach and also amplifies speech to hear over the masking. Any help at all will be appreciated. The Ironic thing to all this is I have been a Hearing aid dispenser for 17 years go figure.
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      Hi Earman,
      Try a sound device playing at night with one sound playing constant below your tinnitus sound and lavender oil on your pillow to help you relax and the sense of smell helps as a distraction.
      It might take a night or so to train your brain on the new sound to help sleep.
      I wear hearing aids in both ears and have a masker setting added also that can play white noise only .
      I like the sound of yours .
      It's hard when you can hear tinnitus and comes from your head too .
      I feel lucky I have them to help as I know it's not so easy get them free on the NHS like I did .
      I hope you have a better night and start to feel better...stay positive .
      We have no control over tinnitus but have total control over what makes us happy....lots of love glynis
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