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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ann C., Jul 26, 2015.

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      I recently developed tinnitus; it's especially noticeable in my left ear. I've had a problem with earwax in the past, so I decided to try to clear it out on my own. I bought an OTC earwax softener kit, which included a sterile saline spray to use in your ear after the wax was softened.

      Unfortunately, it didn't work very well and now my ear feels plugged up. I'm calling the doctor on Monday to see if they can clear the wax for me (if that's the issue).

      Has anyone had success with an OTC wax remover? I know I need to stop using q-tips, but its hard to resist right now.
    2. Evian

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      Clogged ears and tinnitus seem to go hand in hand:-(
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      noice induced
      If you hear normal in both ears, then don't worry. It's just a feeling and the more you concentrate on it the worse it gets. I have a clogged up feeling in my left ear since 4 months, sometimes its strong and sometimes i don't notice it at all. But i don't care that much anymore, because i know my hearing is not damaged and it's just an irritated feeling.

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