Ear full of wax, started using Waxsol, now tinnitus is worse and ear is blocked

Discussion in 'Support' started by kitanakahn, Jan 19, 2020.

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      Hi all, hope you are well. I just wanted some advice/explanation on what is going wrong with me.

      It started out on Wednesday when I caught a cold and went to the doctor. She wanted to check my ears, but said they were too full of wax and I would need to use Waxsol for 2 nights to soften the wax. I have done that and ever since my tinnitus has increased, even after 2 days of using the Waxsol. I've now woken up on early Monday morning with a completely blocked left ear and the same increased tinnitus.

      Any answers would be appreciated as I am an autistic girl with very heightened anxiety who is terrified and could use any help I can get.

      Thank you.

      Edit: Should add I have a doctors appointment booked for Thursday but would like any help in the meantime.
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      Band practice/shooting incident.
      I would assume if softening the wax isn't getting it to come out naturally you may need to just clean your ears or have someone at a clinic do it.

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