Ear Infection, Low Ringing in Ears?

Discussion in 'Support' started by jur2815, Oct 17, 2016.

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      Ear Infection?
      I got sick 9/21 with a cold but it cleared up pretty quickly.
      So on the 9/25/2016 I was listening to music on my iphone on full volume, like I have been for awhile when I took them of an notice a small ringing. I ignored it and went on with my day. I then started to notice that my ears felt clog and I had slight pain in my right ear. On 9/27 I went to urgent care I got diagnosed with an ear infection and was told that I had fluid in my ear. I took antibiotics and didn't think much of it. Went back to the same urgent care 10/1 because the pain got worst and so did the ringing. He told me that didn't have a ear infection (surprised that I had) anymore and told me that have eustachian tube dysfunction because my ear drum looked like it was protruding, then and very rudely (while I was crying) told me that there is nothing anyone can do for me until my ear drums pop.

      I went to my primary and was told hat I did still have fluid in my ear . So being very confused with everyone telling this and that I went to the ENT that last Friday and they told me that I might still have ear infection in the outer ear skin thats why I still have pain She also did that test with the fork and said that I couldn't have that much fluid in my ear because I heard the sounds in both ears or in the middle. She gave me antibiotics drops for it and told me to come back in 7 day ( I want to not that I haven ot been really taken these as I should and recently I accidently washed them so I'm waiting for to refill mine again) . The pain seems better but the ringing has not gotten better at all. I can still ignore it when I'm out and about or having fun. It only when i'm alone or at night does it make me feel worried. I can still sleep through it. The only time it got super bad was when I got sick and the noise got louder which stressed me out. I also recently after getting sick again started to feel just slightly lightheaded. Not all the time, just Random. I'm going to my ENT again this week to just update her again.

      I been super worried lately because I've been reading about people living with this for the rest of there life. My bf and family keep telling me that it will go away and that I always scare myself into thinking it wont. a Year ago I suffred from a bad episode of vertigo for a month (it went away thank god).

      So I just wanted to know if this will eventually go away?
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      The truth is no one knows if/when the ringing will go away but chances are you will get used to it (trust me) and you will no longer be bothered by it.
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