Ear Infection?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Nightsky27, Oct 9, 2016.

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      Ear infection
      So my whole ordeal started last August with an apparent ear infection. 2 months, 3 bottles of otic drops and 5 visits to the ENT doctor later, I'm still having the initial symptoms of muffled hearing, slightly reduced hearing and tinnitus. Oh, and I also had TM perforation along the way.

      My concern is about a week ago, out of frustration, I used PND otic drop on my ear (this wasn't prescribed by the doctor -- I had been prescribed dexa/cipro otic drops). Surprisingly, all the "stuff" that's been obstructing my ear came out and I felt instantly better -- no clogged sensation, no tinnitus. I felt like a genius. Unfortunately two days later, the muffled hearing and tinnitus returned. Now, I came across "otoxicity" in one of my internet wanderings, and read that neomycin (the "N" in PND) can cause it.

      Now for my questions:
      1.) I've only used the PND drops about 5-6 times in a span of about 4 days. Would it have been enough to cause otoxicity given I've been using it on a perforated TM? I'm probably overthinking things but I'm also a hypochondriac, so that's just how I roll.

      2.) Could it be possible that there's something more behind this than just ear infection given that's it's been 2 months? Why do I still have the muffled hearing and tinnitus when the the blockage in my ear has been resolved?

      I have more questions but that's it for now. I'm going to another ENT doctor soon for another opinion but I'd like to know if any of you guys had a similar experience. Thank you for your time.
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      treatment of a long term ear infection with antibiotics
      have you had a hearing test done? I'm dealing with hearing loss from a minor outer ear infection after 3 months.

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