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Discussion in 'Support' started by TheLetterA, May 9, 2015.

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      Hello, on April 29th of this year I went to a concert, and felt slightly under the weather with a mild sore throat, headache, and stuffiness. It wasn't until after the show I noticed the typical ringing in my ears. I waited a day, and it was still there, then another day passed, and still there except my ear was itchy, hurting, and I felt fluid in it.

      I went to the doctor the following Monday, and she checked out my ears and told me that I had an ear infection and prescribed me antibiotics. I've noticed that in the morning the ringing is worse when I wake up, but after I take my pill it dies down and my ears start draining. Each day the ringing has faded though, even though it has been almost a week since being on the medicine and still four more days to go on the pills. I asked her if the concert was the cause of it, and she assured me it was not, and it was the fluid and mucus in my ears. I also have had sinus infections before, and bad allergies.

      It was such a coincidence with the concert being on the same night as my ear infection... What are the chances really? The ringing isn't terrible, more like it's only there if I think about it now, and in the morning. But it is more like tiny, slight bells that sort of ring, but die down. I've avoided loud noises since, and take my ear plugs with me whenever I go out.

      I'm hoping this goes away totally though. Any thoughts or reassurance on it?
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      Noisey Lifestyle. Increase from infection.
      I'm in simmiliar position however I had ear syringed and 3 days later I got middle and outer ear infections. I was 8 days on biaxin xl (wchich suprisingly didnt make my T worse as it can in some people devastate their ears. It didnt change my tinnitus in left ear so I count myself lucky)

      Sound was so loud I couldnt mask it even at 70db music volume in home.
      I believe my first major improvement was when I first took predinsone
      It was around 10 days after initial noise exposure (syringing) and infection that I got prescription for it.
      Im currently 7th day on it and it was a wild ride but overall I think I feel a whole damn lot better than before. Maybe its because of steroid, or maybe rest of infection cleared up. Either way my point is - go talk with another ENT and tell him your fears and ideas.

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