Ear Inflammation After Having the Ear Flushed — Doctor Prescribed Aminoglycoside

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ab4477, Feb 1, 2019.

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      On Sunday I got my ear flushed out and I had and still have some inflammation on my left ear.

      I have an allergy to cipro so ciprodex was out of the question.

      And unfortunately the only other options were two aminoglycosides which are known to be ototoxic only when the eardrum has a hole in it, and more so via IV or oral doses. The doctor said I don't have a hole in my eardrum.

      I'm terrified to use it but I think my ear might actually have an infection as the pain has gotten worse as of today and it looks like I gotta use it.

      I was prescribed it for 10 days.

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