Ear Membrane Not as Glossy as It Should Be?

Discussion in 'Support' started by black_halo, Feb 28, 2016.

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      I visited numerous ENT specialists and they said everything is OK with my ears but recently I decided o go for some alternative methods and ...

      Specialist in homeopathy said that in right ear the membrane is not the same as it is in left ear. I have pretty much now T only in right ear, a year ago it was in both, then it somehow stopped in the left in ear and got much better. Pressure check shows lower pressure in right eat (16 vs. 9 in right) and also bigger hearing lossin one audiogram. In very first audiogram I have done right after it started it has shown about 20-30dB hearing loss, the same after 10 months but then done on two different machines same day. So, first one showed same hearing loss at 10 months earlier, but second one, done like an hour later shower no hearing loss in left ear and about 20-30 in the right one.

      To sum up - in my right ear membrane is not as glossy as it should be according to homeopathy specialist but he said he doesn't know what can cause it and suggested I do further research. So my questions is: does anyone know what can cause it and is there any possibility that 4 different ENT specialists didn't see nothing?

      I'd like to know whether it's possible cause of T or what it even is before I make another pilgrimage from specialist to specialist.
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      It could be a bit of scar tissue on one drum as quite common with ear infections.
      I would not worry to much about it as your tinnitus is more likely from the hearing loss....lots of love glynis

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