Ear Pain and Ringing

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    1. JJ1114

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      For the last month I have had some problems with my left ear. It started out as pressure and ringing. I went to the ENT and he didn't see anything wrong, but he prescribed me a 6 day medrol pack. For the last two days I have had some ear pain in my left ear along with pain in the left side of my throat. If I put my finger in my left ear and open and close my mouth I feel what appears to be a small lump or cartilage where the tmj is. It is also sore. When opening and closing my mouth while my finger is in the ear I can feel it pop. I don't have a fever, but I don't feel real well either. Any thoughts?
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      Absolutely. Whatever is going on with you, your symptoms as well as your physical findings are changing. You are fortunate in that you saw an ENT relatively early on in the process. So go back to the same ENT and ask him to re-evaluate you, comparing what he finds now with the baseline from your initial evaluation. That second evaluation might well point him to a diagnosis that was not at all apparent when he first saw you a few weeks ago.

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