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Discussion in 'Support' started by alleny, Jul 30, 2015.

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      hi.. i have some question, a few months ago, i started to feel pain, itchiness in my ear, then suddenly a quick hearing loss and i can feel ringing in my ear, went to my doctor and she said that there's nothing in my ear and its clean, but shes gonna give me a referral for ENT doctor, waited for 2mos but i never received any referral, went to urgent care for another check up coz my ear continue hurting, and she also said that my ear is alright, after a month, i went to different doctor and same findings, he only gave me a pain reliever, its already a week now but nothing happens, and i ask my mom to look at my ear with a flashlight and she saw something black like half an inch deep, she tried to remove it and she said its hard, i tried to put my finger in there and its on the outer part of ear canal, how come the 3 doctors didnt see that ? i even ask my recent doctor about the hard thing i always feel in my ear and he didnt answer my question, he just told me to stop put my finger coz it gives my ear more pain .. what should i do ?
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      Did you finally see an ENT? Did you get a hearing test as well?

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