Ear Pain

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kitsunepaws, Mar 18, 2016.

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      Ear injury

      Ouch it hurts :(

      It really hurts. Intermittently mostly, and not at certian times, just randomly. It makes me want to cry. I'm so scared of what it could mean. I've had T for 6 months now amd only 3 days ago I started getting pain in my left ear only. I had an ear infection last month and took Amoxicillin for it.

      I thought that would be it. My tinnitus lowerd slightly for a few weeks, I was very happy. But now I'm miserble. Two days ago my left ear was just sore out of nowhere, it creeped up on me. Ive read loads of horror stories online and im so scared it'll be somthing awful. I'm a terrible worryer and my anxiety makes it all worse.

      I have a wax build up in my right ear, nurses have said to use olive oil but its been no use. And my left ear WAS my good ear, until two days ago. If I have no good ears... Then what.

      What could have caused this to be so sudden.

      Sorry to go on and on, I just want to talk about it with someone who might understand, because no one I know does.
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      Try to get in to see a doctor. Could be an ear infection

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