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Discussion in 'Support' started by Hiliviuskas, Apr 9, 2018.

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      My first post here. I have had tinnitus since 1999ish. However early this year the things got worse, or in fact it feels like I got an additional tinnitus on top of the 'original' one. One day at work I started hearing everything like 'cracking radio' or like someone was talking to me in a sub-marine. Now it is better, but if I e.g. drive through a deep tunnel or on plane all sounds starts to radiate and my tinnitus get worse - hence I think this 'new' tinnitus has something to do with changing air pressure or at least it does get worse with high/low pressure. Even if better, the new tinnitus is though still very loud, and does bother me when I go to bed, wake up etc.

      I bought some flight designed ear plugs at the airport. They did help with the pressure, and my tinnitus or ears felt much better after the flight, but at €10 I don't believe they are the best available. Hence my question: any recommended ear plugs for flying? Plugs that would protect against the changing air pressure.

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