Ear Ringing for 4 Days

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      I went to a friend's party last Saturday and waking up the next morning at his house I thought the tea kettle was on in the kitchen. Sad thing is that it wasn't and now my right ear has been ringing constantly for the last 4 days. I've been surfing like mad and trying to comprehend this whole situation. Is this permanent? Can it go away? I have read tinnitus can go away but that "disco tinnitus" is normally only for a few hours.. I don't remember having ringing ear ever before so i'm not familiar with disco tinnitus. What can I do to maximise my chances of getting rid of the ringing? I made an appointment with an ENT today. I'm going there the day after tomorrow. The noise is high frequency ringing, I would say it is close to that whine that come from older TV sets. I read the habituation discussion and I think Im nowhere near that. I'm so afraid this is going to be permanent
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      Hello SrS,
      I am sorry to hear your story. My name is Clive and I'm lucky to be in a position to provide help and support to people like yourself. Your posting is very typical of people in the first stages of tinnitus and I know exactly how you are feeling at the moment. My advice is to listen to people on forums like this who will give you help and advice. As you can see this is a new forum and I hope you will feel welcome here. Firstly regarding your ENT appointment this is principally to identify any possible underlying medical conditions that are related to tinnitus. It is unlikely to produce any serious issues. Your research will no doubt have shown that we are never really sure of the cause of tinnitus. Be very careful in researching on the Internet. There are many many false leads and false information which take advantage of people in vulnerable situations. Look for reliable information on trusted sites and charities.
      Regarding habituation I'm sorry that you feel this is unachievable. Again this is a perfectly normal reaction and I would have had the same response when I first started but please believe me that it can be done with help and advice.
      Please keep in touch. Remember the first stage of habituation is to take advice and assistance from people you can trust such as the people on this forum.
      Best wishes,
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      SrS, Welcome and I agree with Clive 100%. Every case is different but I can tell you in my case my initial reaction to the tinnitus was quite strong. I had a lot of anxiety that began to feed on itself and it became sort of a feedback loop getting progressively worse as time went. Stress will many times make tinnitus worse. It also focuses your attention on it, something you do not want to do. Try not to let yourself get into this mode. Your T may or may not be permanent, either way stress and anxiety will definitely not help. Contrary to what most ENT's and MD's will tell you there are treatments and you will habituate if that becomes necessary. I had to teach all of my doctors about tinnitus, they really didn't know as much about it as I did at that time and there are plenty who still don't. Sounds like yours is noise exposure related (like mine). Try to relax, listen to music, do your normal activities until you see your Doc. It's kind of a catch 22, you want to know more about it but you don't want it to become the focus of your life. Don't freak out, you're going to be ok.
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      I haven't got much anything else to add thanks to Clive & Jim's informative posts.

      Your tinnitus might very well go away, 4 days isn't that long. It's not chronic yet by any means. And even if it didn't, following Clive's and Jim's suggestions will take you far. My ears are ringing at this very moment but I don't need to concentrate on it, not anymore. I don't need to care about it.

      Let us know what the ENT said and how you are feeling,

      welcome to the forum!

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      Ive been to the ENT and he said that theh ringing is likely caused by loud noise exposure. He was surprised that the ringing was still there (week later). He also said I should have went to a doctor right after I satarted hearing the ringing - they could have tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy and steroids. Now it was supposedly too late. I will have an appointment with an audiologist whose specialty is tinnitus next week. Don't have hgih hopes. I havent slept much and i am really anxious. The ENT also gave me lorazepam. Im going on a little trip this weekend and i hope it takes my mind off ringing. Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it. Ill report back later
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      I want to report my ringing has subsided. Dont know why but I can only hear some noise if I press my ears with my fingers.
      I'm very happy and feel like ive been given a second chance, i will take better care of me in the future

      i'm grateful you supported me in my darkest time
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    7. rogerg

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      Happy for you! Enjoy your life.
    8. Jamfer

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      Tinnitus won't hurt you. It's just very annoying, at first. If it comes back, let us know.
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      Hi, I went to my usual nightclub Friday night (about 84 hours ago) and the music was louder than it has ever been in there - and I'm a regular(who enjoys loud music, but this was beyond a joke). I am 21 years old and this ringing in my ears is really starting to worry me. I'm finding it difficult to sleep at night, and I'm getting headaches when I can't shift my attention of the ringing. I am really trying to hold onto the hold of this not being permanent, but my faith in it getting better is fading fast. It is now Tuesday lunchtime and I don't think it's subsided at all. Is it usual for ringing to continue this long and then not end up being permanent? Many thanks, Motorbambino
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      not sure
      Your T is very new and it is related to acoustic trauma (loud noise exposure). You may want to get your doctor/ENT to prescribe a course of prednisone or other corticosteroids. it is highly recommend new T patient to get this treatment as soon as possible. Here is a discussion thread on this treatment:


      It is very hard to say if someone's T is going to be temporary of permanent. Some fade, some stay on. But for those whose T stay on, it is not the end of the world either. Many members here to have T saying on, including myself. But we learn to habituate to this sound and live a normal and productive life. So don't worry too much about the future. Try to keep positive and calm. Get some masking going asap and try not to be stressful. Stress and anxiety are toxic to T. So give it some time. Read the success stories so you have an idea how others get better. Take care & God bless.

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