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      Hello there Dr Hubbard, I realise that ENT is not your expert area but I hope even in a small way that you might be able to help please.?

      In my right era which is the T ear when ever I move my head up and down or side to side I get a weird sensation coming from it, its difficult to fully describe but it is like a small swishing sound and a feeling of fullness, I get this no matter what the T is like, on good days and bad days, I don't remember having this from the very beginning but certainly for at least the last 2 -3 months, one audiologist I saw said it might go in time but as to no indication what it might be.

      I have asked this question before on TT but not to your good self, do you think you are able to offer a possible explanation. Up until I had the T everything felt fine, why is it that this sensation would be happening now ?

      Hope you might help
      Thank you
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      Hey Freddie

      You're correct that this is not my area of expertise. However, I have a suggestion you can ask your audiologist/ENT about. There is a category or tinnitus (in this case, better called "Head Noise") known as "mechanical" or "objective," that can be heard externally (through amplification). It's caused by muscle spasms in the inner ear. I have a type of this called Palatal Myoclonus - the act of yawning causes this spasm which i perceive as a "crackling" . I don't know how common this is, but I've had patients in my practice describe other sounds that are reliably brought on by various head movements. My understanding is that this is completely benign, nothing to be concerned about.

      Hope that helps!
      Dr Hubbard

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