Earache, Muffled Hearing, and Feeling of Liquid Leaking After Earwax Removal

Discussion in 'Support' started by Matt9, Nov 19, 2020.

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      Two days ago I went to my ENT in order to further investigate my hearing loss.

      I had and audiogram and as I expected:

      Normal hearing in left ear.
      Severe hearing loss in right ear.

      I also had my earwax removed manually (no suction or syringing) but I noticed he poked my eardrums several times, so I started to cough by reflex and felt some pain.

      No big deal, I thought.

      Now I should say I have to wear earbuds at work every day for video conferences. No high volume and no music, only people talking but still yes, I have to use earbuds everyday.

      Yesterday, at work, I started noticing my LEFT ear (the healthy one) started to feel weird, slightly inflamed, sometimes it feels like I have some liquid leaking from that ear (but it's not), and sounds are a little bit muffled in that ear too.

      I also might hear a faint ringing in that ear too, but I am not sure about this.

      I am panicking. What the hell is possibly going on?

      Have I damaged my left ear with noise exposure through earbuds?

      Is it caused by the earwax removal tool poking my eardrum?

      Should I take Prednisone?
      What could I do?

      Please help me.
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      Loud noise exposure
      Go to your dr or urgent care and have them take a look.
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      Besides loud noise, avoid any kind of straining for a month and a half, just in case, take as much rest as you can. Do not lift, push or pull anything heavy. Do not bend over at all, keep your head elevated all the time. When you are in bed, sleep on two pillows. Do not use high-speed elevators or anything else that might cause sudden change in barometric pressure (and subsequently put pressure on membranes between inner and middle ear). And avoid coffee and salt.
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      That's strange though. I never had problems in that ear, and after that earwax removal I started to feel so.

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