Eardrum Problems and Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lauren Morse, Apr 12, 2016.

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      I was recently found to have a floppy, or possibly retracted eardrum on a tympanogram in my right ear.

      The tinnitus noises are various but often come about when a pressure change (even putting finger near the ear) is induced in the ear. I have also noticed my hearing is not as good or dull in spots on days when the eardrum feels "loose" and out of place, but that my hearing comes in as it should when everything feels "tighter" in the ear.
      In the past, this has even manifested as 20 decibel difference on the audiogram in some frequencies.
      I also tend to get dizzy and disoriented whenever I touch my ear or make my eardrum move through valsava, swallowing, yawning, etc.

      Anyone else get T from a floppy or retracted eardrum? Any ideas for how to fix the problem, or who to see to get the eardrum back in place where it should be?
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      Eardrums can get sucked in or out with mucous and ETD pressure changes and most go right on their own or sometimes more drops or ear drops are given sometimes grommets .....time is a great healer...lots of love glynis
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