Earmuffs Cause Jaw Pain — Any Suggestions How to Solve This? Maybe Get Better Earmuffs?

Discussion in 'Support' started by K.A., Apr 16, 2021.

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      Hi friends,

      So, my situation is this:

      Earplugs causes an increase of build-up of ear wax -> Need earwax removal more often -> Scary...
      Also I find they often give a bit more occlusion effect than earmuffs.

      Earmuffs don't affect the ear wax, and gives less occlusion, but the ones I have (Peltor Optime II and III, and X5A) cause my jaws to hurt the more I use them, due to the pressure against the jawbone/skull area around the ear.

      Do you guys have any tips for me?
      I have heard about there being some versions with "gel" type outer rings, anyone have any experience with specific products?
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