Earplugs and Popping

Discussion in 'Support' started by demi, Jan 16, 2014.

    1. demi
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      Does anyone else experience their ears popping when gulping or yawning after have ear plugs in? Mine have been the past few days and today I didn't wear any till about a half hr ago and it started up again.
    2. Logan

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      Ear infection
      I have had popping when I swallow and yawn for years, way before my tinnitus. Maybe the earplugs moved some ear way or fluid and is causing them to pop. That is my best guess.
    3. peter1974

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      Same here...I have had ears popping for years and cracking when swallowing and yawning, Doctor said its normal...
    4. Tenna

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      Yeah I think it's pretty normal to have crackling and popping like that. It depends on how they pop though?
    5. felinefine
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      many years, but much worse after acoustic trauma in 2014
      Yes!! This is what I have. I hope my laser helps this. Still trying to figure out exactly what the mechanism is. It is so annoying

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