Earplugs, Raves and Aggravation!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Chris Alexander, May 5, 2016.

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      Hey folks

      So I post quite a bit in the success stories and thankfully my T is usually very manageable. However as te title suggests I went to a rave on Saturday and took my Alpine Party plug ear plugs which are designed for rock concerts. The rave was open - no inside but I seem
      To have aggravated my T. Last night I woke up and my T sounded like a changing TV channel but inside my head and not my ears...... Tuesday my right ear felt different and sounded like the TV but a little louder, Wednesday it died way down and don't hear it and then last night it ramped up for about half an hour. Then this morning it's hardly noticeable again!

      Has anyone experienced this? I'm not going super panic mental - not like when I first got T - but I am anxious. When my T started it did this - went through
      Cycles then settled down to just a constant level with the odd spike.

      Any input would be greatly appreciated !

      I get my moulded ear plugs at the end of May, so hopefully they will work better? Or it could just be coincidence??

      No horror stories please.... Lol
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      Guitars, loud girls and guns
      I'm definately not a fan of Alpine plugs, difficult to insert and they feel strange (subjective of course). There's lots of variables to be taken into account: how long were you there, any alcohol/cigs/.. may have an effect on T, low bass tones can reach the middle ear through bone conduction etc.
      If it's a spike it will settle down, but your ears need a proper rest at this point. Supps (magnesium, multivitamins, omega 3) can't hurt either and try to do some cardio for better blood flow in case the middle ear is aggravated.
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      You probably have aggravated it. Those attenuated plugs do not provide nearly enough protection in my opinion. I have been to festivals that had some DJs playing electronic music, and even though it was outdoors it can still be ear-splitting. DJs seem to LOVE to crank their shit, I saw Cage The Elephant at the same festival on a huge stage and they were much quieter than whatever DJ was playing at the stage across the way that was much smaller.

      Depending on the decibel reduction of your custom plugs you should fair better. However, keep in mind that the decibel level they attenuate is usually the peak of their attenuation, so a 17 decibel plug may actually only be about 11 average decibel reduction.

      If I were you, I would either wear some very well fitting foam plugs or get the custom plugs that are not attenuated and are total blocks for raves. I know, the music may not sound as good, but you get used to that little bit of top end not being there.

      But then again I am not into the electronic music or rave scene so I have no idea what you may need... Still not a bad idea to play it safe with the most decibel reduction you can get though.

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