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Discussion in 'Support' started by I who love music, Dec 26, 2014.

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      I've got a little story about my ankle that I think can shed some light on how the attention switching exercise works. In other words, my recently sprained ankle got me thinking about my T and my "Back To Silence" tinnitus coping technique.
      I've had GREAT success with this technique. After 40 years of T, it's the best thing I've ever tried. It's shut down about 98% of my T.
      OK... the ankle.
      Well, after spraining my ankle the other day, I heard myself saying today, "This is a drag. I'm bored and irritated."
      Right away I noticed I did NOT say to myself, "The pain is like a needle at times, radiating around the outside of the top of the ankle. Sometimes when I step down the pain is like fire even down into my heel. Oh God, what will I do?" This is the way I used to talk about my T.
      The new T technique requires self talk that describes my feeling about my T. This is what has helped me so much. And I think my sprained ankle has helped me realize how counter productive it can be to describe any ailment but ignore the feeling instead.
      Could it really be as simple as "not dwelling" on the ailment but getting in touch with the feelings it makes?
      Whatever it is, it's working great for me. And for you guys following me, I'm discovering that after a few weeks of this technique, it's still revealing ways for me now to almost shut off my T. Honestly. It's quite incredible.
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      is your T volume exactly the same as before ? Lot of time volume subsides and we think our "techniques " are working .
      I know I some times says I have learned to ignore T ,but the fact was my T volume had subsided .
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      Im trying that technique and it seems to be helping. As soon as I think about my t I slap the thought from my head and use a phrase like 'don't be daft' or something to let me know to move on and not dwell or become irritated. im still down in the dumps but every bit helps
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      glad to hear that
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      I've read about that method before on pain management. How people will stop describing the pain and instead describe what they actually feel. Many claim suppressed emotion manifests itself physically, I know for one a physical symptom I had for many years constantly, one I always measured on a painscale, which resolved itself after dealing with the suppressed and avoided.
      I'm going to try practice this more :)
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