Ears Ringing for 4 Days?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Katavaal, Apr 7, 2016.

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      eustachian tube dysfunction
      Hi guys, I'm 17 and my ear has been ringing for four days. I'm not sure why - while I have been to a couple concerts and do listen to a lot of music, I don't listen to music very loudly, and my last concert was two months ago. It's been on and off, and the weird part is sometimes it won't ring unless there's a sound in the background - like my electric toothbrush, the sink, or the toilet flushing. When I turn off the toothbrush or sink, or cover my ear, the ringing stops. Also, that ear won't stay popped.
      I'm really, really nervous - every time it happens, I panic and start crying. I had to stay home from school today because I couldn't stop crying in class yesterday. Does anyone have tips?
      Thank you.
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      Ear infection.
      @Katavaal . Hi your young and you haven't had tinnitus for very long so there's a good chance that it will go away. You say that you have been to concerts and listen to music . Well concerts are normally loud, And listening to music is ok as long it is at right volume . I would use ear plugs at concerts to protect your ears. It's realy scary when you first here ringing in your ears. So try not to freak out And always use ear plugs where there is loud sounds.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Don't panic and despair.
      Since your tinnitus is so new and may be related to acoustic trauma, you may want to get your doctor/ENT to prescribe a course of prednisone or other corticosteroids. Members here often recommend new T patients to get this treatment as soon as possible. Here is a discussion thread on this treatment:


      Anxiety, stress and strong negative emotions will aggravate T. So try your very best to stay calm and give it some time to settle. Your T being so new may fade or disappear. Never rule that out. Even if it stays, things will get better. Here are some young people on TT who have gotten better and wrote their success stories. Read them up and take good care. God bless.

      success story of 17 years old Zach:


      success story of Jari with T since 12 years old:


      lana got T at 15 and getting better:


      Honeybee's success story with good tips:


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