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      Feels like an eternity.
      Came out of nowhere, accompanied by bouts of midday fatigue, vertigo and headaches. I thought I was taking a supplement that was causing the ringing. Waited a few weeks to let it clear up - to no avail.
      Begin scouring inter webs for possible answers: diabetes? high bp? menieres? onset of MS? aural nerve tumor? Some sites said if you have the ringing, headache and vertigo, go to ER, STAT. So I went, primarily to rule out the tumor. Could have been diabetes or high bp, as that's in my family history. All came back negative. Follow up appt w/ my gp gave me a clean bill of health, w/ good blood draw levels. She suggested BPV and tried the Eply maneuver on me, w/ no change.

      SO NOW WHAT?

      Waited, prayed, waited, waited.

      A friend in the EO business gave me some suggestions after asking her famous dr./upline... tried the suggestion w/ the brand I could afford at the time from natural grocery store. No real change w/ that. Maybe I need to have the real therapeutic stuff she's got.

      A few months later, I asked mom about her h.b.p. and wondered if she'sd ever had ringing in her ears, too. She remarked that they ring all the time. Great. Hereditary, perhaps. Not wanting that as the final answer, took my gp up on referral to audiology specialist and ENT appt. My hearing is fine, hearing down to zero decibels. General exam of ears indicates no suspicion of trouble w/ ears themselves.


      More googling indicates maybe overload of RF. Not going to move to the sticks to see if that's the cause. Overgrowth of candida? Maybe. Not ready to go gun-ho on candida diet/regiment, etc, yet.

      Idiopathic tinnitus can be found most often in "fluffy" women. Okay, so now maybe one of those garcinia/raspberry supplement regimens sounds appealing. Getting closer to doing an internal/intestinal cleanse to get the 'lead out,' and addressing my fluffiness...

      TWO WEEKS AGO... woke with right ear pain - thinking, 'great, inner ear infection.' Couldn't walk a straight line and stumbled twice going to the restroom... Felt nauseated. Stayed home, contacted dr. office, thinking I had inner ear infection. NEGATIVE. Here, take some anti vert. Did nothing.

      Annual exam today led me to ask for, among other unfun tests, CRP test, to get a read/level on my ticker. Going to resume guggelsterones and omegas to address previously high cholesterol levels, since I've been off them for a few years...
      GP mentioned something about my ear drum being recessed a little, which the previous doc noted, BUT DIDN'T MENTION TO ME. Googling that has me thinking I need to get a product that drains trapped inner ear fluid. Big shopping website suggests a tinnitus product supplement.

      Reading one of those reviews led me here.

      So here I am. Say hi. Commiserate with me. Share with me what helped you, if anything.

      The Lord is in charge, I belong to Him through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. A healing from On High would be excellent. I'd love to be free of this, 6 months ago. I'm not a spring chicken anymore. But I'm on a journey to learn if there's anything I can do within reason. (read financially)

      Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your stories/advice/etc, too.
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      not sure
      Good for you that you put faith in the Lord for your ailment. In Romans 5:3-5 we learn the need to rejoice in our sufferings. No one like sufferings, but if they are unavoidable one form or another, it is better to face them with a positive attitude.

      The best way to learn from others is to read up all the success stories on here and other forums. Together these stories offer the collective wisdom to get better. Generally, having a more positive and realistic attitude plus some form of strategy will help us get there in time. The essence of Time is very important. Things take time and habituation to T takes time for sure unless a magic pill can solve it for some lucky some.
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      Thanks billie48... When all is said and done He is my reward and treasure. We're all wasting away outwardly, but the promise of new bodies awaits.
      Rejoicing in today and a sure future hope.

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