Either the sound is reducing or I'm just noticing it less

Discussion in 'Support' started by luckyman316, May 28, 2014.

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      I know it's still there. I can hear my "T" very faintly still. But it's nowhere near as loud as it was a month ago, where I'd have multiple spikes in sounds a day. Now, I'm fortunate to have those spikes only multiple times week. I did have on episode a week or 2 ago after I took a Motrin at night and the next morning, the spikes were happening every 5 minutes for abou an hour.

      Thankfully, I think things are reducing. I wrote about his here before, but I'm now on meds (anti-viral) for an active Hep B infection. Could the virus be the underlying cause of the issue and now that it's starting to subside, so is the T? Hmmm there is hope!
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      not sure
      Glad that you are improving. Keep it up.
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      Hope that is the case. I'm at the point now where I cannot tell anymore, but I am pretty sure when I first got my T is was louder than it is now. For example, with the computer running I can't hear my T. Also, realised I have been taken Sudafed that is meant to reduce mucus, not the decongestant. Now I am taking the decongestant ones and - wow. I could be wrong, but it feels like my T is a lot lower than before. Maybe that'll do the trick. Either way, it's given me hope. Good luck.
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