Emergency Physician with Spontaneous Otoacoustic Emissions

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by stevek, Nov 19, 2013.

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      Hi, I should introduce myself, I am an emergency physician practicing in australia, and have had tinnitus in my right ear since june this year. The tinnitus even stops me using my stethescope effectively!

      I have had investigations (MRI, MRA, CT angiogram, and audiology tests) which are all normal. I went on to have otoacoustic emission testing, which showed a spike in my right ear at the same frequency (tone) as my tinnitus. My tinnitus is a beeping sound in my right ear, which is soft, but stops me sleeping.
      I am currently trying aspirin (900mg) at night, which initially worked, but seems to have stopped working.
      Does anyone else have any experience like this ?
      I am going for more otoacoustic testing in december (getting tested before, 30 mins, 60mins, 90 mins after taking aspirin).
      apparently quinine, and frusemide can also help this.
      I would be interested if anyone else has this type of tinnitus , and have had any luck with treatments.
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      How come you're using aspirin? Usually people avoid excess aspirin because it's considered ototoxic, thought it's important to note that tinnitus caused or exacerbated by aspirin is usually temporarily and stops on cessation of the drug, but still I would definitely avoid taking it every night at that dose.

      Quinine and frusemide are also commonly put on ototoxic lists but I have no experience with these, but they get mentioned a lot. I would be very careful before you begin to experiment with these and double check wherever you're getting this information from.

      edit: Okay, my bad - just googled these and there are quite a few studies on these drugs and otoacoustic emissions, interesting!
    3. Jill Edmonds

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      I agree yonkapin - aspirin and quinine ( including tonic water) are triggers for tinnitus sufferers.
      Stevek, I guess being a Dr you know to avoid salt.
      I have learned to read the labels on everything I buy at the supermarket.
      It is incredible how much salt is in pre-packed food, sauces and takeaways.
      It doesn't take long to get used to low salt foods and now food actually tastes better.
      Regards from sunny South Australia
    4. stevek

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      There have been several studies showing that aspirin can suppress spontaneous otoacoustic emissions - same with quinine and frusemide ( lasix - a loop diuretic ) , but as far as I can tell , the only human studies have been with aspirin .
      I am guessing that as the have an effect on the outer hair cells in the cochlea they can suppress firing of the cells ( which can cause tinnitus , but in some cases may help suppress tinnitus )
      I am certainly not suggesting anyone experiment on themselves - my neurologist has suggested this for my case .
    5. DebInAustralia

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      hi there

      i am curious to know where in Australia you are as i live in geelong vic, and work in healthcare also?

      also id like to ask where you went to have otoacoustic testing done?

      deb x
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      Welcome to"da club" :)
      It's really a shame that the t interferes in the use of your stethescope but hey, we've had some physicians in here before, and looking from the 'bright side', they relate considerably more to their patients :)
      In addition to tinnitus on both ears, I have a soft low morsing code like sound on left which periodically interfered with the audiology test. Havent had access to any of the other, but keep us updated of your findings. There's usually someone with similar cases in here :)!
    7. stevek

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      i am in Sydney, and had testing done at the speech and hearing clinic at Macquarie University
    8. stevek

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      I had some further otoacoustic testing, pre and post aspirin use - aspirin had no effect, and so I have stopped using it.
      Am now just using some sedative meds at night (have tried antihistamines which work well, and also mirtazapine 3.75mg, ie one quarter tablet - but found this made me drowsy the next day), herbal sleep tablets (valerian) work well too
    9. Marie Blalock

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      Hi Steve K,
      This probably won't help you any but maybe you can help me. I've had tinnitus in my ear for over a month now. I had a myringotomy and immediately after the procedure the shrieking, buzzing, beeping, tinnitus started. This started while I was still in the exam room where I had the procedure. I never had anything like this before? What could have happened to me during the myringotomy that would cause this? Please this is ruining my life.
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      Hi @stevek ,

      I am too in Australia, QLD to be more specific. I have also had T for almost 6 months 24/7, fluctuating in noise levels from med to loud and different sounds with the usual eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee high pitched tone in the back ground. Arghh the joys of all this bullshit, got to love staying up on Christmas eve because your T is driving you up the wall and cant sleep :) Unlike you I have not had any hearing tests (outside of my work medicals) or any formal diagnosis, I aim to get a proper hearing test and maybe an MRI, maybe in the new year. May I ask how old you are? I am 29 and many men in my work place/ industry have some form of T it seems to be certain personalities that obsess and stress about T though, unfortunately I am one of those. Any way bud welcome you are in the best hands here with a brilliant support network on this forum, hope you hope you are having a good Chrissy eve.
    11. DebInAustralia

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      Hi Steve

      I was wondering how youre getting along with the new meds you've mentioned?

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