Emojis for the Royal Marsden Childrens’ Hospital

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      E4DAB50C-9B5B-46EC-A69E-D8714961C168.jpeg Dear members - you may remember that my wife Sylvie ran a World-wide stitch-witch campaign to supply the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital children’s wing, with embroidered decorations for Christmas and Easter.

      The children got to take them home ‘to look over them’ when they went home for visits, or to stay with them if they recovered completely.

      Hundreds of lovely crafters world wide made and sent us thousands of embroideries, all designed by Sylvie, as part of a fight back against this wretched disease, that kills so many, and took our precious daughter from us ten years ago, and our son-in-law at Christmas time just gone.

      These mementos have been so popular that Sylvie has now designed emojis to be used year round.

      The current crop of Emoji designs depicts the full range of human emotions.
      Of course, the one that took my eye was one of sadness and loss, which all of us fine people know more than enough about.
      The ‘shit pile’ is representative of an uninvited guest, who does not deserve to have his name mentioned here.

      So we are up late, and going full pelt in the workshop.
      Fortunately we have had the assistance of Percy, who is currently on his tea break.

      8BD7387C-CE59-4C3E-A38E-FB2C77A36D18.jpeg 7A6D1EA4-1C6F-4745-9FAA-C13B8B868417.jpeg A372828B-636B-48F8-B6C0-2BF62F8869E3.jpeg

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      I just love Percy!!

      The work for the kids is so wonderful Jazzer.
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      They are lovely Jazzer and love Percy.
      Your wife has a great talent.
      Love glynis
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