Everything We Know About Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mario martz, Apr 11, 2016.

    1. Mario martz

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      Hey guys!
      i been dealing with Tinnitus for 2 months already.
      On the second day i went to an ENT,
      and his first diagnosis was Eustachian Tube Dysfunction / Sinus etc.
      my symptoms are..Contant Tinnitus, had Blocked ear sensation (just that day), congestion sensation everyday, ears crackling when swallowing etc.

      2 weeks ago the tinnitus became really bothering and the ENT told me that medicine didnt work as expected.
      i stopped going since i didnt want to waste more money and time.
      these last week has been fantastic, the lowest T ever.
      i been getting craneosacral and for the first time in these 2 months i experience a few seconds of silence.

      i dont know if there are many people in here with ETD induced tinnitus.
      but i wanna know if this is really my case and what has help you.
      The tinnitus i experience is constant 24/7
      like a tv static, sometimes low other days loud.
      sometimes a high pitch noise that comes and goes.
      sometimes i dont understand if the noise is in my head or both ears, but to be honest i think its only on my left ear.
      T onset was out of the blue, one day i went to bed, next morning i had blocked ear with T.
      and during this time i experienced PT for less than 1 minute and then it went away.

      i wanna know if these symptoms are common in ETD
      and if there is anyone else with ETD here too :)

    2. Katavaal

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      eustachian tube dysfunction
      i've got etd for like a week - but yeah sounds a lot like mine, it's always blocked. also my ears ring sometimes when i hear other sounds (water running, etc.)
    3. AUTHOR
      Mario martz

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      So your Tinnitus is not constant?
    4. Owen

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      Unclear. Inflammatory allergic reaction/AIED
      I've had ETD for more than a year and yes, ringing and other associated noises occur.

      I'd take the cracking noises in the tube as a good sign. In my case, the unaffected ear (the left), cracks regularly when I swallow, etc, but the right ear does not. I wish it did crack, but I can feel that the tube very rarely opens and closes, it is so swollen shut.
    5. Hariz Nonis

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      ETD person here too. I'm not too sure if it is the cause of my T, but it may have something to do with it. My right ear is usually the blocked one, and it cracks much more than my left ear tube.
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    6. Nonna

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      Don't lay flat at night, sleep in a recliner. use heat everyday
    7. Hariz Nonis

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      Laying flat helps me though. Maybe it's because I have neck issues and a hint of TMD too.

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