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Discussion in 'Support' started by NeverGivinUp, May 3, 2016.

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      Soon could be from meds or visuals
      So for a few days I've had what is called visual snow. This isn't so bad, and it was my own anxiety that caused it so I believe going to therapy will make it a little better I guess. I am 13. I'm planning on taking meds for the snow as well, and was wondering if this was a bad thing for my what seems like inevitable tinnitus (visual snow people get this) or can I take it. Just hoping to get my anxiety under control before the toll on my life becomes too much. I have straight A's, and hoping to become an ophthalmologist.

      So, meds or no meds?

      And should I be worried about my future on the road to college? I want to live a successful life.

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      You need to go to a real doctor for advice, my young friend! Please talk with your parents and then go see the doctor. You can learn many things online (but beware: you will find fiction presented as "facts" in many instances).

      There is NO SUBSTITUTE for seeing a trained, educated medical professional with REAL LIFE clinical experience who has seen thousands of patients and has thus developed clinical judgment.

      Years ago, I was also an anxious straight-A student. If you can teach yourself to relax, even just a little bit, it will be good for you. Life will be fine for you. But be sure to develop skills besides academic ones, including the all-important ones like learning to enjoy yourself, being a good friend, having good friends, and enjoying nature and the larger world outside books. It's all good. Be balanced.

      And again, please look for the positive and as for the internet, be sure you are using it, and "it" isn't using you! There is lots of info online, some good, some bad, and some absolutely ridiculous.

      At thirteen, even a smart thirteen, you need more life experience to judge all the stuff you come across online. Please rely on the trusted adults in your life!

      The best to you!!

      Oh, also, BAH! to "inevitable" tinnitus! No way, pal! The human mind, if it hyperfocuses on the body too closely, can produce all sorts of "symptoms" that aren't really there. Please don't do this to yourself. :)
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      Soon could be from meds or visuals
      Hmmm I guess I'll go to the doctors... Going to a therapist though because I pretty much gave myself visual snow. I one day thought about it enough, looked at a wall, and it slowly came to me. I want a therapist to prevent further damage due to me becoming hyper aware. I have PVD (causes eye floater s) so my VS and floaters is likely not connected. Only got VS when I started looking for it. Expecting the same for tittinus, trying to stop it from coming but my mind feels like it isn't satisfied. I wore earplugs all day and listened to stuff on other TV to try and block out any noise going to my ears from my hypersensitive thing. But yeah I guess I could go to a doctor, could help to clear up any worries about PVD. Trust me, I won't let this happen to me. It won't destroy my life. I won't let it. The VS seems to slowly seep in more and more, and I become more anxious, but in a way, a bit stronger on the inside. Praying for the best.
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      Hey there, since you are 13, most people on here are going to tell you to talk to your parents and/or a doctor about this. We can't diagnose the problem you are having but hopefully someone with a medical degree can. I would just give you some general health advice: be sure to drink plenty of water each day. I believe many people do not drink enough water and our bodies need water to function well.

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