Experienced, Heard Something Weird... Like an Echo or a Microphone

Discussion in 'Support' started by sandra72, Sep 3, 2015.

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      This morning i had something strange. I overslept and i dit have a hurry to bring my son to school.
      When i whas in the bathroom i heard something i did not hear before. A different sound, hard to explane.
      Downstairs i took the coat of my son but his coat makes a sound and suddenly my sound whas trying to get over it. It sound like a microphone. I brought him to school and all of a sudden i heard a loud beeb but by putting my vingers in my ear i did not hear it. I ask my son do you hear that. He said no, so it must have been in my head. But it did scared me. It whas like a echo or some kind of microphone. Really dont know how to explain it. It is gone now but i am worried that it will come back again. So my T is louder again and yesterday it whas very quit.

      Does anybody knows what i mean?
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      Hi Sandra ,
      Tinnitus causes so many sounds and sounds can become distorted with wax or bit of mucous in our ears so I wouldn't worry about it .
      If it did become a problem your doctor can have a look down your ears..lol glynis
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      It sounds like reactive tinnitus maybe?

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