External Noises Get Louder When Blocking My Ear?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Stephanie Wood, Aug 20, 2016.

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      TMJ/Teeth Clenching
      So it's been a little over a month and I'm still in a constant state of anxiety and depression. This isn't really because I'm hearing stuff anymore, but this onset just came on so fast and traumatized me so bad, I still can't get my brain and body to relax.

      So there was been pretty much no ringing for a few days now, even when plugging my ears. But something else very odd has been happening, in my left ear specifically (which wasn't the ear that was ringing for the most part). When I press on the little part of the ear that's on the side of your head, external sounds seem to turn louder and seem like they are coming from inside my ear. So for example, the fan turns into a white-noise sound and chirping bugs get louder and seriously sound like they're coming from in my ear. However, stuff like the tv don't change.

      And the thing that has still been driving my anxiety is the little tinking sounds I hear every once and awhile, and they usually last for like 30 mins - an hour. It kinda sounds like when a lightbulb burns out and you can shake it and hear something rattling around, but it's very high pitched. For some reason this seems to happen a lot more when I'm listening to the tv or in the car. It almost never comes up when I'm outside or at stores and stuff. I don't know why this happens, but I'm scared to say that this is still tinnitus or if it's just my ears reacting to certain frequencies after getting T.

      Also, I really freaked out today because I went to get my haircut at a salon today and when I was sitting around while my hair was being dyed, a stupidly plugged my right ear and did in fact hear a ringing in it. There was no music but a lot of people were talking and there was some humming noises coming from stuff around the salon. When I came home and went into the quiet bathroom, there was no more ringing.

      I don't know. I can't help but feel stupid for still being this anxious and depressed after the ringing has stopped. I know it's because I've seen so many people on the internet say it really never goes away or it can completely go away and come back for many people. I just can't even fathom the thought of waking up and having it be back, but it's all I can think about 24/7.

      Also, my mom told me tonight that she actually hears a high pitched ringing in her ears, and we aren't in silence either, the fan and tv are on. I asked her if it's everywhere, and she says she can hear it in the car and when she walked upstairs where it's quieter she could still hear it. She said if she really focuses on it it actually feels like her ears get full and hurt a little. She says she just doesn't focus on it and she never hears it. It really must not bother her because she's never said this to me before. Made me feel like 5% better, lol.

      Still having a very hard time with this, crying like 6 times a day. Really ticks me off that it decided to happen right when a new part of my life is starting (college). I've gotten into a had habit of looking around at everyone, like when I went out to eat today at Chile's, and staring at people who are laughing and enjoying their lives. I had to keep myself from crying. I wanted to hate them, and I kept thinking that it's not fair. I know they can have stuff in their lives that are just as bad, but this is my negative way of thinking now.
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      If you don't hear your ringing in a quiet setting, I suggest you stop trying to find issues to worry about related to your ears, because if you keep looking for those they may end up materializing from the attention you are giving them: you are creating your monster.
      No more ringing? Be glad, enjoy life and stop worrying! Protect your ears, and get out of this message board!

      Come back if your ears start ringing again. Hoping to never see you again. Bye!
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      Myofascial crap Bruxism, a jackhammer, stress who knows

      I was where you were a 5 months ago. I was so freaked out I could have lost my job and family. I'm still in shock but I am doing better.

      But first, you need to know you are not crazy this Bruxism can do crazy things to you inner ear, others wont understand, its very different from T caused by hear loss or acoustic damage. but still , you need to avoid loud noises, the masseter could be pulling on your inner ear muscles and ear drum so it sensitive. If you think your tinnitus is from Bruxism see a "Neuromuscular Dentist" and see about guard or splint, also check for sleep apnea.

      You should also see a psychiatrist and a cognitive behavioral therapist if you can. it may take some meds and help to get over this shock. it may go up and down, you'll hear odd things, and you need to stay clam, anxiety will make it worse.

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