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      I am a 14 yea old male. My main tinnitus problem is at night I sometimes hear "heat bugs" and static. My biggest problem however is my huge anxiety issues. I want to know can tinnitus be accompanied by a brain tumor and are they related in any way? I feel more and more like doing something terrible every day... Back to tinnitus, I hear a faint static like a dead tv channel mainly at night. As with the "heat bugs" ( they have a name I know, but I can't remember it.) I know it will just get worse with anxiety but I just can't help it. I don't listen to loud music very often but. I do mow lawns with large machinery quite often. Could this be a factor? I do quite often play computer games involving headphones but I never have them loud. My anxiety keeps me from a normal life much more then my tinnitus, so I want to get this over with ASAP. Thank you.
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      Hi James. I think you hit the nail in the head when you said you main issue was your anxiety.

      T can be caused by many things, and I'm sure by a slim SLIM! chance a brain tumor, however you would be exhibiting other more serious symptoms if it were a tumor. I'm no doctor but a close friends father had a brain tumor and it did not present as tinnitus. He had severe nausea, vomiting, dizzyness, stroke like symptoms.

      Having said that, in sure most of us here have wondered the same thing.

      I think your best bet would be to see your GP and talk about getting some help for your anxiety. You might find once you get a handle on that your outlook might improve :)
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      Don't worry about the tumor, but since you are mowing lawns and working with machinery get some ear muffs or ear plugs with at least -25db attenuation, you'll find cheap ear muffs at any hardware store, just make sure they fit nicely and have a good rating, they'll usually list their attentuation somewhere on the packet or on the muffs themselves.

      Make sure you continue to monitor how you how use your headphones when you're gaming, keep it low or play on some speakers, change up between the two. Take breaks from excessive noise aswell. Other than that you sound like you're being pretty sensible, just continue to be wary of over exposing your ears.

      Sucks about the anxiety! In my experience, exercise and diet helps me tremendously when it comes to anxiety/depression/tinnitus, start running (if you don't already) a few times a week, stay active, get social, etc. It's always crucial to have someone to go and talk to aswell. And yeah, if you're really struggling, go see a doctor but just be wary of taking any sort of medication - you're way too young for any that!

      Hope you start feeling better!
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      Shit happens
      .. And if you haven't already, keep some background noise going on to distract you while in bed!
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      Hi James,
      I agree with Amelia, specially about the fact that a brain tumor exhibits different symptoms . As your "biggest problem however is huge anxiety issues", see as soon as possible your GP and let him help you with anxiety, there are many solutions about it. Then look for a ENT. You are young and your chances to recover soon are very very high.

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