"Eye Tinnitus" aka Visual Snow, oh and Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tim Hogan, Sep 10, 2016.

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    1. Tim Hogan

      Tim Hogan Member

      UK, England
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      June 2016
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      Cold/Flu (Minor) >>> Botched Acoustic Reflex Test (Severe)
      As my Tinnitus has started to move around my brain recently i seemed to have developed something called "visual snow", pretty much its like your field of view kind of looks like that of a movie screen, like thousands of tiny vibrating dots, after some research it seems that this little joy in life is linked to Tinnitus, as its another brain issue.

      I'm far from any doctor figure but im guessing whatever Tinnitus is doing to my Brain, its also effected a part of it that now produces the phenomenon "Visual Snow".

      Apparently 2/3 people with VS also have Tinnitus.

      Just curious if anyone here has the same thing, or am i just reallllllllllllllllly unlucky.
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    2. JasonP

      JasonP Member

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      Hey, please get to a doctor asap and tell him what you are experiencing, maybe an urgent care facility? Maybe he can tell you what's going on. Be sure you aren't dehydrated either. (Probably not the cause, I am just saying that for health reasons)
    3. linearb

      linearb Member Hall of Fame

      East Coast USA
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      yeah, I've had this significantly for a long time. In my experience it was a lot easier to habituate to than tinnitus, also most people will experience this to some degree in dark environments, and the more attention you pay to it the more significant it is.
    4. Mario martz

      Mario martz Member

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      Yeah, right after onset VS appeared, i still see some, but not bothering.
      for me of course.
    5. Jacob83

      Jacob83 Member

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      loud headphones
      Only looking at an empty snow covered field while it's snowing, otherwise I haven't.

      I used to see my eye floaters quite a lot (small black specs and bubbly lines) in my vision, but I haven't seen those years.
    6. stacey

      stacey Member

      New York, NY
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      omg I have the same thing but always ignored it sonce T is enough of a burden. but now I can see how it might be linked. this makes things worse I know :(
    7. Cityjohn

      Cityjohn Member Team Research

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      5:10 PM 03/02/2016
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      Food poisoning.
      It's not that the visual snow is caused by tinnitus, they are both essentially the same signal problem expressed in a different process. I tried to explain this to my internists, then they started asking me if I saw anything else. I told them about the blue field entoptic phenomenon, and then they offered me anti psychotics.

    8. Reinier
      Not amused

      Reinier Member Benefactor

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      Explosion starting engine
      I noticed this after I developed tinnitus. Never seen it before my tinnitus.
      It occasionally happens when I doze off, watching TV and open my eyes again.
      Not very often, but very recognisable.
      I can only conclude there has to be a link inside the brain between the two.
    9. Kste Adams

      Kste Adams Member

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      I recently found an article that talked about visual snow, which I'd never heard of, and the theory that it was caused by the brain's visual cortex when it did not receive the "correct" signals from the eyes. I was really struck by the similarity to tinnitus.

      I found an interesting quote from an article on the Braincoder.com web site. It's from a recent, small study of people with visual snow, and the researchers noted the following:

      "The majority of the patients also experienced more than one additional visual phenomenon such as persistent after-images or stars bursts and colored blobs. In addition, the researchers found that 63 percent of the patients experienced high-pitched tinnitus, 44 percent experienced migraine with or without aura, and some also had tremor and balance problems." (Full article here.)

      I don't have visual snow, but I do experience high-pitched tinnitus, migraines with and without auras, migraine-associated-vertigo, occular migraines, and restless leg syndrome. I had suspected these were all symptoms of neurons "misbehaving" and were probably related.

      I actually think this is encouraging news. If these various conditions are related, maybe findings in one area will help shine light on the others and get us to effective treatments more quickly. Tinnitus may not get much funding or research by itself, but if it's actually part of a condition affecting many more people, perhaps it will receive more attention.
    10. Brian meadows

      Brian meadows Member

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      October 19th
      I've had visual snow as long as I can remember. At LEAST 20 years. In fact, I may have ALWAYS had it, but never really realized it until about 20 years ago. Either way, my tinnitus was caused by trauma 2 years ago. Completely unrelated phenomena for me.

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