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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ellen, May 7, 2013.

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      Both Neuromonics and Widex Zen offered hearing test above 8,000 hz. Another clinic audiologist warned however, that hearing test gets unstable beyond 8,000 hz.

      Since my T is at 12,000 hz, Widex tested me for 10-16,000 hz range. Unlike 0-8,000 hz, they don't have pooh, tor, porp, or warble sounds. When the hearing test goes higher than 8,000 hz , it seems the Widex only have the eeeeeeeee pitch. Unfortunately, the eeeeee pitch and my eeeeeeee pitch are identical type of tone used. Thus unless the audiologists made it loud, at soft volume, the T mask the output since both internal and exterior sounds are a perfect match that sound the same. As a result, I couldn't press the button.

      The Widex audiologist however, insists I have hearing loss in the 10-16,000 hz range, despite my concerns as to how they can determine if I have hearing loss when the pitch they use to test is an exact replica of my T pitch. Their T-similar pitch can be differentiated only when they turn up the volume, but when the volume is made lower than my T, I couldn't make it out.

      The Widex audiologist dismissed my concerns, saying that normal hearing folks would be able to make it out. Therefore, in his view, I have hearing loss and should be fitted with hearing loss aid with masking tones. I tried the hearing aids but did not notice any immediate improvement as I could otherwise hear normally in my 0-8,000 hz range. The Widex audiologist still insists the hearing aid would help me put the T into residual habituation.

      A bewildering experience for me, with audiologists all saying different things.

      Anyone gone through Neuromonic's above-8,000 hz hearing test? Is it a more stable experience than that offered by Widex?

      Any online test for hearing loss above 8,000 hz?
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      This is a subject I'm rather frustrated by myself. My two hearing tests have both been at the 250-8000hz range and came out fine. However any suggestions from me about taking tests that cover a higher frequency has been firmly dismissed by my audiologist cause she didn't think that was necessary at all due to the fact that we don't hear at those frequencies. But that's off topic to me cause if I have lost a whole frequency at a higher range then it could explain my T&H! It annoys me that they don't acknowledge this. However, they were not able to conduct a test that surpassed 8000hz anyhow so now I'm emailing a couple of places abroad to see if I can have one of those 8000-22.000hz tests done.

      I see that you wrote your post in May, hows the progress? Have you received any information on high frequency hearing tests worth sharing? Are those people still convinced you have a hearing loss in that 10-16000hz range? I came across this online test but I would much rather not take it, cause it's not accurate and then were back to origo again. They also warn against inaccuracy.
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